Endoscopic (VATS) surgery for lung cancer

Endoscopic (VATS) surgery for lung cancer

Endoscopic (VATS) surgery for lung cancer

Lung cancer is sadly the most common form of cancer affecting women and men.

Traditionally patients presented with a cough and/or symptoms related to the growth and often the cancer had spread too far and surgery was not an option.  Now increasingly, with GP’s requesting earlier CXR’s and with the government funded lung cancer screening program underway, more patients are being identified with early lung tumours.

Mr Zacharias has been using 2D or 3D camera technology to remove abnormalities in the lung for the past 18 years and also has a large experience of offering complex lung resections for advanced central lung tumours.  Mr Zacharias has an extensive experience in sleeve and double sleeve complex resections of central lung tumours where parts of the main airway or artery have to be removed with the tumour All cases are discussed within a lung cancer Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) meeting prior to consideration of lung resection.
Some patients have other forms of cancer that spread to the lungs called metastasis.  These can be resected generally using an endoscopic approach which leads to a shorter hospital stay and a quicker recovery.

Once the possibility of lung cancer has been mentioned, early assessment and intervention is indicated.  Mr Zacharias and his team are happy to assist with your questions at each stage.


Mr Joseph Zacharias is a Consultant Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon who over the past 18 years has introduced many patient centred procedures and reviewed, presented and published his excellent results. He is passionate about teaching and training and continues to help disseminate his learning and skills to doctors at all levels of training. Mr Zacharias has one of the largest experiences in endoscopic heart surgery in the UK and continues to maintain a busy practice in both complex heart and lung surgery.


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